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The Golf Secret That The Pros
Don't Want You Knowing
March 6, 2016

We've all been there. Walking up to that tee on a beautiful spring morning. Birds chirping, flowers blooming, and the smell of fresh cut grass. Ahh, that's the beauty of the sport, to get to enjoy mother nature's gift while mingling with your buddies. And of course adding in a bit of competitiveness in the mix to keep everyone on their toes.

Alright, it's game-time. You're time to smash the ball and watch it soar through the air and land on the putting-green as your buddies stare with amazement on their faces. That's one of the best feelings to a golfer.

But here's what really happens...
You setup the ball on the tee and put all your might into that swing. SWOOSH. You squint to keep your eyes on the ball to see where it lands. You're nowhere near where you need to be to make par. UGH. If only you had a better drive, it would make the game that much better for you. Your buddies make a few jokes about your weak driving game as you hop in your golf cart.

No Single Golf "Wish" Will Make You Unstoppable 

Imagine if a golf genie appeared in front of you the next time you went golfing. The golf genie says "I am here to grant you one wish. Look, you can have just one shot, like a drive, a pitch, a chip or a putt. But forevermore, as long as you play golf, you will execute that shot perfectly. No aces, no hole-in-ones!" 

Here's the thing- Not one area of improvement will make you unstoppable in the game of golf. If you could hit every putt under 6 feet away in the hole, you would still have so much ground to cover in the game that it certainly wouldn't make you unbeatable. Or if you could guarantee every pitching wedge will land within 6 feet of the flagstick, or every bunker shot will settle within 2 feet of the hole. Face it, not one single guaranteed change would have you playing a better game, every time.
But imagine if you could increase your drive every time you set that ball on the tee. Do you think that could help your game from the start? A hard drive in a game of golf is vital to a strong start.

OK, I Know I Need To Increase My Drive: But How?

Most would argue that the secret to driving the ball father is all about the posture and technique. To learn the secrets to the perfect swing technique you would need a private coach. Each lesson can cost up to $150 for a 30-60 minute session. This could add up to costing thousands and take hours and hours of your time. No one has the time or the money for a private coach.

You could also look at trying to teach yourself the best techniques the Pros use. There are the online "coaching" sites that promise to make you a better golfer by teaching you techniques online through videos. These will cost you hundreds of dollars a year with no guarantee on how you will benefit. It's a job in itself to be able to take the time and teach yourself these techniques! That sounds dreadful.

And of course you could always look at spending $500-$750 on the latest and greatest new Driving Club. But do you think that will really help you hit the golf ball harder? Probably not.

To Hit The Ball Farther, You Need To Hit It Harder

It's often believed that one must gain muscle to be able to hit the ball harder and farther. But that's not true. In fact, gaining more muscle may actually be hurting your swing!

Most club golfers (and even a few professionals) still think they need to “bulk-up” and build the big muscles of the upper body in order to have the strength necessary to belt the ball a long way. But this couldn’t be further from the truth.

“Bulking-up” – using heavy resistance exercises – can lead to hypertrophy and make it difficult to achieve certain swing positions. If muscle bulk is being built in the wrong areas for golf, it can have a disastrous affect on a golfer’s ability to sequence efficiently. This can restrict movement in the golfer’s body and cause imbalances in muscles that need to be balanced for effective weight transference. Significantly, it can impair a golfer’s “feel”.

Therefore, bicep curls, chest press, pec deck and overhead weights are completely the wrong exercises for golf. You should avoid them at all costs. If the weights are too big and the body can’t handle the pressure, the muscles will make compensations to perform the movement, which leads to a detrimental affect on the golf swing. Once in a while you may smash a ball 300-plus yards, but more often than not you’ll struggle for accuracy, control and consistency

Here's The Secret To Hitting The Ball Harder, Instantly

Thanks to an incredible device, golfers across the country are instantly driving the ball 20 yards farther. No, they aren't getting expensive coaching or online lessons. No, they aren't using any special technique that they learned off the internet. And no, they didn't have to buy the newest and sweetest golf clubs on the market today to achieve such a longer drive.

In fact, this device costs so low that it's likely you'll spend more on lunch and drinks the next time you go out to the country club. Jack Nicklaus was quite surprised by this device.

So what's the secret?  And can it work for anybody? Click on the video below to reveal this little-known golf secret used by PGA professionals and even long drive champions:

Click here to watch Jack Swing 20 yards ffarther
Click The Video Above to Watch!
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